10 Famous Bridges Around The World

Golden Gate bridge during daytime bridges

Famous Bridges – Anybody who has visited Prague or Venice understands that a magnificent bridge is not only an aesthetic addition to the landscape. Perhaps it’s because they define a city’s skyline, connect towns and cities, and last a long time. Most importantly, they show us something about the people who made them. We’ve compiled a list of the world’s most famous bridges you can visit and check out whether you want a great view or a place to put your love lock.

Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, US

We left our hearts in San Francisco, just like Frank Sinatra. The Golden Gate Bridge is, without a doubt, the best thing to see in San Francisco. It may be the most photographed bridge in the world. Before it was finished in 1937, many people believed the building was impractical.

With its smooth towers and skillfully curved steel cables, the Golden Gate Bridge is now a well-known symbol of California and one of the seven modern wonders of the world. As you ride your bike across Golden Gate, the two towers’ bright orange paint contrasts the sea and the sky. Buy tickets for the bridge here – Golden Gate Bridge Tickets

Tower Bridge in London, England, UK

Unlike the other bridge you understand, Tower Bridge will not fall soon as it one of the strongest stone bridges. This Victorian bridge with Neo-Gothic towers was built in 1894. Along with the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, it is one of London’s most iconic and long-lasting buildings. The City of London’s coat of arms is carved in stone on the other side of the path. As ships pass on the River Thames, the bridge’s bascules move up to let them pass.

Sydney Harbor Bridge in Sydney, Australia

It is the world’s largest steel arch bridge. Its highest point is 134 meters above sea level, which is why locals call it the “Coat Hanger.” This beautiful suspension bridge was finished in 1932. It connects Sydney’s central business district to the North Shore.

It is among the most famous bridge’s for celebrating New Year’s Eve, when fireworks and other pyrotechnic effects brighten the city at midnight. The steel halves of the bridge loop up over the harbor.

Szechenyi Chain Bridge in Budapest, Hungary

Walk across the Széchenyi Chain Bridge in the evening to see why Budapest was once called the “Paris of the East.” The Chain Bridge connects the same western and eastern parts of the city. It goes from Clark dám Square in Buda to Széchenyi Square in Pest. Both ends of the bridge have statues of lions. Below, the lights of a Hungarian Parliament shine on the Danube River.

First, before the bridge was built in 1849, Hungarians had to take a boat or walk across the frozen river. But because Count István Széchenyi was stuck on the wrong side of the Pest, he missed his father’s funeral. After that, Count Széchenyi was so angry that he ordered the building of what would become the 1st permanent suspension bridge in Budapest.

Rialto Bridge in Venice, Italy

Venice is a port city with more than 400 bridges and has been called the “City of Bridges” for a good reason. There are signs of the Renaissance all over the city. The Rialto Bridge is by far the most famous one. It curves over the Grand Canal, where you can see colorful boats and bright buildings.

You can also wander through the narrow roads of La Serenissima or visit other famous bridge in Venice, like the Bridge of Sighs, Academy Bridge, Scalzi Bridge, Calatrava Bridge, and Ponte della Libertà.

The Brooklyn Bridge in New York, USA

The Brooklyn Bridge in New York City is the most well-known bridge in the world. It spans the East River and connects the areas of Brooklyn and Manhattan. This suspension bridge was made by John Augustus Roebling and finished in 1883. It has Neo-Gothic granite towers, pointed arches, and steel cables resembling webs. There’s no brighter location to see New York City and feel like you’re in one of the greatest cities on earth.

Helix Bridge in Singapore

Unlike most bridge, which are built in a straight line, Singapore’s world-famous Helix Bridge is built in the form of a double helix, which looks almost like glittering waves. It has a covered walkway made of stainless steel. When it gets dark, the walkway is lit with different colored LED lights. This bridge finished in 2010, links Marina Centre to Marina South.

Charles Bridge, located in Prague, Czech Republic

It is the most beautiful Gothic building in the world. It makes those who have ever dreamed of going to Prague feel sad and longing. This historic bridge was built in the 1400s and was named after King Charles IV. It still takes people from the Malá Strana to a Staré Mesto. As the sun goes down behind the Baroque statues, the Vltava River and Prague Castle look like they belong on a postcard.

Khaju Bridge in Isfahan, Iran

Even in a nation with mosaics and domes that reach the sky, the symmetry of the Khaju Bridge in the middle of Isfahan is hard to find anywhere else. The stone arches of this 17th-century architecture and design gem, once a temporary home for the royal family, are covered with beautiful tile work. At night, the Khaju Bridge casts a beautiful golden reflection on the Zayanderud River. During the day, the bridge has a color that looks like the sands of a desert.

Chapel Bridge in Lucern, Switzerland

You can always feel like you’re in a fairy tale in Switzerland. Unfortunately, this covered wooden bridge with such a stone tower in Lucerne is a real place. The Chapel Bridge, finished in the middle of the fourteenth century, goes diagonally from across the Reuss River. It takes people through the roof interiors, painted with scenes from Lucerne’s past. The bridge, which gets its name from the nearby St. Peter’s Chapel, is covered with flowers and held up by trestles. The bridge is a picture of charm, whether clear or cloudy in winter.

These famous bridge’s worldwide are, without a doubt, amazing engineering works. They change the look of their cities and will continue to amaze us for a long time.


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