Ohio – 10 Best Places To Visit In Ohio, US

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Ohio is in the middle of the United States, so you’ve probably driven through it and stopped at least once or twice on a road trip. But Ohio has a lot more to see and do than places to stop for gas and snacks. This state has big cities, small towns, and a special kind of quirky charm that you can’t find everywhere.

So, the next time you want to plan a trip, don’t just stop in Ohio on the way to somewhere else. These are among the best places to visit in Ohio, whether you’re there on business, on a cross-country trip, or just for a fun weekend with the kids.


Cincinnati, one of Ohio’s big cities, is a great place to go if you like arts and culture. There are outdoor gardens, museums, and art galleries, like the Krohn Conservatory, to be found here. It’s just north of Kentucky and gives you a great chance to see Northern Kentucky. The Ohio River gives life to Cincinnati, and the downtown area is the residence of the Reds’ and Bengals’ sports stadiums and the National Underground Freedom Center.


The Roll Hall of Fame and Cleveland’s popular sports teams have made it a popular tourist spot. Cleveland is on the shore of Lake Erie. The Historic Gateway District is a fun area that has been fixed up and now has more than 60 bars and restaurants, hotels, and shops. Cleveland Heights is a cool place where young people and foodies hang out. Every year, there is a Greek Festival worth seeing and many lively places to hear live music.


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Columbus, the state capital and home to several important facilities, is the last of Ohio’s three big “C-cities” on this list. The Topiary Garden, the Center for Science and Industry, and the sites of the ancient Indian mounds are some of the best things to see here.

You can plan your trip to Ohio around family-friendly events like the Ohio State Fair, the Downtown Arts Festival, and Picnic with the Pops. When the sun goes down, go to the brewery district, Short North, or the German Village for great drinks and a fun nightlife scene.


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Dayton has a long history in aviation, and the Air Force Museum and Aviation Heritage Park are located there. The famous Wright brothers lived in Dayton, and a monument is here to remember what they did for aviation.

While in Dayton, see a live concert at the magnificent Victoria Theatre and visit the Museum of the U.S. Air Force. If you’re traveling with children, spend a day at Scene 75, the world’s largest entertainment center in the U.S., and visit the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery.

Yellow Spring

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If you don’t think Ohio is artistic, you should go to Yellow Springs and change your mind. This area is a popular place for creative types and free thinkers to spend the weekend. It’s a charming place that Budget Travel magazine called one of the coolest small towns.

Here is where Antioch College is, and there are street performers and small shops downtown. Check out the Yellow Springs Street Fair while you are there for great food and beautiful handmade items. To explore nature, you can go hiking in the nearby Glen Helen Wildlife Sanctuary or John Bryan State Park.


You would be wrong to think that all Amish people in the United States lived in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The Canton area is in the middle of Amish country in Ohio. There are many interesting ways to learn about Amish history and culture in this area. But the McKinley Monument and Presidential Library and Museum are a big draw for history fans.


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Marblehead is a small town in Ohio that looks out over Sandusky Bay and Lake Erie. It is another fascinating destination in the state. You can expect to find a lot of cute shops and restaurants, in addition to tourists who require to obtain away from the city for a while. When the weather is nice, you can fish and boat on the waterways here. You can also take a tour of the Marblehead Lighthouse, which was built in 1821.


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The thing that makes Sandusky a well-known place is the roller coasters. This is a must-see in Ohio if you like water parks or amusement parks. Cedar Point is the oldest amusement park in North America. It gets a lot of visitors every year, especially in the summer.

But it is also a full-fledged resort town with a famous historical downtown area full of shops and restaurants. There is also a ferry dock where you can go to Kelleys Island, Put-in-Bay, and Pelee Island in Canada. The Lagoon Deer Park, the Sandusky Maritime Museum, the Sandusky State Theater, and the Merry-Go-Round Museum are also great places to visit in the Sandusky area.


Perrysburg is a small town on the edge of Toledo. It has a great location on the Maumee River. You can spend a day or two here looking at the historical sites made when Fort Meigs was built in 1813. This wooden fort is the biggest one on the continent. Perrysburg’s suburban feel makes it comfortable for travelers who want to be near city attractions without dealing with traffic and crowds. It’s a safe place to live, visit, or spend the weekend.


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Here is where the private liberal arts college Oberlin College is, and this is a small town that is very into arts and culture. This city has been around since the 1830s, and you can walk or ride a bike around its historic downtown area and Ohio University. The town has some great bike trails that make it a great place to go if you like to ride your bike. The Frank Lloyd Wright House at Oberlin College is a great place for people who like architecture to visit and one of the big university in Ohio. As a stop on the Subway Railroad, the town of Oberlin also helped end slavery in a big way.


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