Top 10 Best Cities In Spain

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Best Cities In Spain: Spain is known for being romantic and passionate, but its culture, food, and traditions always surprise and please visitors. The country’s different landscapes and interesting topography are just as beautiful.

There are rugged mountain ranges, wild countryside, idyllic seaside towns, and a clear blue ocean. But Spain’s cities should be mentioned among its best things. On the hillsides, there are a lot of old stone houses with red-tiled roofs, and in the cities, there are a lot of architectural masterpieces.

Even though beauty is subjective, all of us at Original Travel agree that these are a few of the most lovely cities in Spain. Their beauty goes beyond what you see on the surface. Each city has a mix of interesting sights and delicious foods that make up its identity. Best Cities In Spain.

Seville – Best Cities In Spain

Travelers have been drawn to Seville for a long time by its brightly colored houses, beautiful courtyards, and centuries-old customs. The city is known for its many orange trees. There are more orange trees in this city than in any other city. The Azahar is both beautiful and smells amazing. Before you go out for the evening, try the local favorite, vino de Naranja, at a few of the city’s stylish wine bars.


Many art history books talk about Barcelona’s famous buildings; the city is like a real-life art museum. The famous Sagrada Familia, surrealist Parc Güell, the gothic Catedral de Barcelona, and Gaud’s Casa Milà bring in a lot of tourists and make Barcelona one of the liveliest cities in Spain. Walk down Las Ramblas for a wide range of things to do, or head to the beach at Barceloneta to get some much-needed rest.

San Sebastian

San Sebastián has perfected the science of gastronomic indulgence. It has been called the food capital of Spain. The city is just as nice, with art nouveau buildings that line leafy streets and plenty of well-kept parks. Outside the charming cobblestone streets are the buttery-soft sands of Playa de la Concha and Playa de Ondarreta, which are great places to eat tapas with a modern twist. Best Cities In Spain.


As the country’s capital, Madrid had to be on the list of the most beautiful cities in Spain. The city’s elegant avenues and Belle Époque buildings give it this honor. For art lovers, the Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, the Museo del Prado, and the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza are a tempting trio, and the city’s innovative restaurants are all about combining old food traditions with new flavors. The fast lifestyle is something to see, and the city comes to life at night when the many historic bars and clubs open and fills up with late-night partygoers.


In the northernmost part of Andalusia, Córdoba is known best for the Mezquita, an amazing Islamic architectural piece. It is additionally the only city in the world with four UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The winding streets around the Mezquita contain hidden plazas and places to get real food. Visit in May for the Fiesta of the Patios, a carnival that has been going on since 1918 and has flower displays all over the city. Best Cities In Spain.

Palma de Mallorca

Mallorca is the largest of the four beautiful Balearic Islands. Its capital, Palma, is sometimes called a mini-Barcelona because of its architecture, which Gaud influenced. El Casco Antiguo is known for its honey-colored houses and busy plazas. You should also check out the world-class art museums and neighborhood markets. In the area around the city, quiet villages are nestled in the rocky mountains and quiet coves with crystal-clear water. Best Cities In Spain.


Zaragoza, Spain’s fifth-largest city, is in the northeastern Aragon region. It is a small, defeated path and underrated. Some of the most famous landmarks are the Moorish Aljafera Palace, the art nouveau Casa Solans, and the Roman Museo del Teatro de Caesaraugusto. A trip to Zaragoza is like taking a history class because the well-kept monuments show the city’s many influences. Best Cities In Spain.

Santiago de Compostela

Santiago de Compostela is another hidden gem. It is the endpoint of the Camino de Santiago, a popular pilgrimage route since the Middle Ages. Over 350,000 people finish the trail annually and find refuge in the city’s historic streets and beautiful plazas. The Cathedral is a must-see, and many of the city’s hotels serve delicious Galician food and wine made in the area. Best Cities In Spain.


Granada is known for its beautiful Moorish architecture, especially the Alhambra, in the foothills of Spain’s Sierra Nevada mountains. The palace complex is a very well-kept example of Islamic architecture. It is surrounded by well-kept gardens and sits on a green hillside. As a college town, the city is full of life and energy. It has both grandeur and grit.


Segovia, just north of Madrid and on the green hills of Castilla, is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is said that Walt Disney got the idea for Sleeping Beauty’s castle from Segovia’s fortress, the Alcázar de Segovia. If the architecture is beautiful enough for a princess, then Segovia has to be on our list of gorgeous and best cities in Spain.


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