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Top 7 Best Places To Visit In Belgium


Places To Visit In Belgium is a small country, but it has much to say about itself. This western European kingdom is an underrated place to visit. But don’t let Belgium’s small size fool you. It has a lot to offer. We’re not just talking about the food, though fries, chocolate, waffles, and beer are all great. Belgium has it all, whether you want to learn about art and culture or go on an exciting outdoor adventure. There are beautiful cities, cute little towns, sandy beaches, and rough mountains.


Top 7 best places to visit in belgium 2

Places To Visit In Belgium

It is not only the capital of Belgium, but it is also the real capital of Europe. It is the home of a lot of important European groups. Because of this, Brussels is a very international and diverse city. Politicians and diplomats from all over the world have made it their home and made it a busy metropolis. But even though Brussels is known as a city full of bureaucrats, it is also a popular place for tourists.

Brussels has a long history and beautiful buildings from many different times. From the famous central square with its large Town Hall to elegant mansions from the 19th century. And from the strange buildings of Art Nouveau to the modern skyscrapers of a business district. Brussels is also an art city, with many exhibitions taking advantage of the cheaper rents compared to nearby Paris.


Places To Visit In Belgium

Brussels is all about business, but Antwerp is all about having fun. The second largest city in Belgium is the capital of the Flemish area. Antwerp is also home to the country’s largest port. In the 16th century, Antwerp’s important trading position made the city wealthy. At the same time, Antwerp became a center for art and culture.

Because of its important role in the diamond trade, Antwerp is known as the “city of diamonds.” Even today, 85% of the world’s uncut diamonds are still processed in the orthodox Jewish diamond district. It is close to the central train station, which many people say is the nicest building in Antwerp. Places To Visit In Belgium.

The railway cathedral is a loving name for this beautiful gothic building. Visit the MAS museum to learn more about Antwerp’s past. Art lovers can get their fill in the Rubens House, where the renowned Belgian painter once lived. With its beautiful designer shops and diamonds, Antwerp is also a great place for shopping queens.


Places To Visit In Belgium

Ghent is not Belgium’s biggest city but one of the most popular. Both locals and tourists fall in love with this beautiful city right away. Ghent is a must-see in Belgium, with its beautiful medieval city center, hip bars, and shops. Ghent is a university town where most of the people are young. Because of this, the city has a fun nightlife, a lively art scene, and a lively atmosphere.

Explore the old city center with beautiful Gothic buildings, a cute harbor, and a real castle by taking one of the cute water trams. The famous picture “The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb” is in the Cathedral, which is also worth a visit. After that, walk through the cobblestone streets of Patershol to find a cool place to eat.


Places To Visit In Belgium

Bruges is the most well-known and possibly the most beautiful place in Belgium. About 8 million people visit this town yearly because it looks like a storybook. That is not too bad for a city with just under 120,000 people. Because it is so popular, Bruges has trouble with too many tourists, especially in the summer.

Visit Bruges out of season for a more relaxed time. In the winter, the city looks like a winter wonderland and is lit up festively. When you walk through Bruges, it’s like going back in time. Since 2000, the Medieval city center has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Places To Visit In Belgium.

With so much beauty, it’s hard to choose just a few places to visit, but the Church of Our Lady, the Basilica of a Holy Blood, the market square, and the 13th-century Belfry are must-sees. Visit the Historium Museum or go on one of the many tours to learn more about Bruges’s past. Or, you can explore the city on your own and go down every small side street because there are many hidden treasures.


Places To Visit In Belgium

Mechelen is one of the less well-known cities in Belgium that I think you should visit. It’s a cute little city with a beautiful old town center. Antwerp is close enough to be a great place for a day or afternoon trip. It would help if you first visited the Grote Markt in the city center. This lovely market square has many cute cafes and landmarks like the City Hall.

Mechelen is full of churches and buildings from the Middle Ages. The Cathedral is among the most impressive of these. Even though the bell tower isn’t finished, it has a great city view. Walking along the canal and through Begijnhof’s numerous courtyards is also good. Places To Visit In Belgium.


Places To Visit In Belgium

Leuven has a lot of Medieval architecture, like many other cities in Belgium. The city’s crowning glory is the ornately decorated City Hall, built in the 1500s. You can tour this Gothic masterpiece every day to learn more about it. Moreover, Leuven is home to one of the top universities in Belgium, particularly in the arts and humanities.

The Catholic University of Leuven has a lot of beautiful buildings. However, the library is especially impressive because it displays the city’s history permanently. Belgium has a long history of making beer, and some of the best beers in the world are made there. In Leuven, you can take a tour of the Stella Artois brewery, which is a well-known brand. Perhaps drink in the market square, Europe’s longest row of pubs.


Places To Visit In Belgium

The small town of Spa is the most popular place for tourists to visit in Belgium. It gets its famous Spa mineral water from natural springs. It is also the site of the Belgian Grand Prix, the first beauty pageant in the world in 1888, and one of Europe’s oldest casinos.

But even without its strange claims to fame, Spa is a very popular tourist town. Since the 14th century, people have come here to drink spring water, which is good for their health. The city’s name has come to mean wellness, health, and hydrotherapy. Places To Visit In Belgium.

The town is also surrounded by lush nature, which is great for long walks and bike rides. People liked to walk through the Parc 7 Heures, and it was worth going there. At the top of the hill are a funicular and a museum about the history of laundry that is surprisingly interesting.



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